Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Tea Party

I live in the best neighborhood! Neighbors that are neighborly is a rare treasure in today's age of cyber living and fast paced, jam packed schedules. Along with the kids getting together to play on the spur of the moment, our neighborhood gets together on a regular basis for yearly block parties, Easter celebrations, book clubs and a monthly gathering of moms for "tea".

This month, it was my turn.  I asked if the ladies would like to do a larger gathering that included all the ladies, young and not so young ;), from our neighborhood. They were on board right away and we found a date when all the young ladies could come, President's Day! They all were off from school and my crew just took the day off even though that's a holiday we typically school on. :)

My girls and I spent the week prior gathering supplies to decorate and make this an occasion to be remembered. All weekend long we decorated with tissue paper flowers and pom poms, heart garland, valentine's and decorating the house to look like Valentine's day.  What fun! Having a V-day party after Valentine's day means you can find a lot of decorations for cheap! :)

aren't these wooden chairs and tables great! I borrowed them from a new friend of mine. So appreciated her generosity in helping to make this a special day. :)  (I'm also watching my local party rental places for sales on their used equipment. ;) )

Heart garland, made by my gals

We provided the beverages, lemonade, iced and hot tea and water, and everyone else brought the food. That was such a blessing!  We don't drink coffee so one of the moms actually carried over her coffee maker w/ fresh brewed coffee and some spare freshly ground beans, in case we ran out.

Doesn't this all look so delicious?  It was! We had chocolate croissants, and regular croissants, mini quiches, fresh fruit and veggies, homemade red velvet cupcakes, bagels and cream cheese, homemade pumpkin muffins, mini sandwiches, pumpkin bread and scones. YUM! I added the chocolate, because, what's a party without lots of chocolate! Especially a valentine's day party. :)

shot of the room while the girls were making their own tissue paper flowers, before the feasting began.

  table with the place settings. (notice the chocolate! :) )

 another view of the room. Don't you love the hanging pom poms? Thanks to my dear hubby for hanging those late Sunday night, you're the best! 

Some shots of my sweet neighbors 
The Mama's. Love you all!

mother and daughter, so precious

My final thanks and praises go to my three, precious oldest girls. Without their help, this would not have turned out as lovely as it did. I love you all so much and I am so proud of you.




Aren't they beautiful? I am happy to say, they are beautiful from the inside out!

This was so much fun! We're hoping to do it again soon. :)


Shonda said...

How lovely! Your neighbors look very nice, too. :)
"R" has grown so much!! She looks so much older!

Lylah Ledner said...

Linda....i LOVE It....such a delight to know you and your family!

xoxo lylah

Jen U. said...

What a huge blessing, Linda! I just loved all of the decorations! You guys did an amazing job!

3 Sons said...

Too fun and just lovely! :)