Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art Fair

Our support groups Art Fair was a few weeks ago, on my K's birthday in fact! That's how we celebrated, by going to the Art Fair! :)

click on the pictures to make them bigger. :)

S. was in the 7 and under non-judged category
Dr. Seuss House

 collage he made in his boys bookclub the night before!

R's "At the Cross" She won 1st for best interpretation of theme for the show
Clay w/ craft sticks

A w/ another one of her amazing miniature creations!
"Indian Village" won first for sculpture

More pictures to follow so you can see the detail she puts into her work.

She used clay, craft sticks, saran wrap over blue clay for the water, pea gravel from our yard for the rocks on the shore line, a tree seed pod for the canoe and dirt she dug out of our ground and glued to the cardboard for the ground. She's nothing if not authentic! (and patient ;) )

 Overview of the village
different angle and closer view
waters edge
close up of mama and papoose (on right by TeePee) and Brave w/ boy on left

closer view of Brave and boy

different angle, you can see the bow and arrow the Brave is teaching the boy how to use
 A. won first in painting category for her "Still Life"

"Wild Horses"


 Grand Canyon
(the last two are drawings she made from our time at the Grand Canyon this summer)
E. got second in painting for "Hawaiian Sunset"

 Close up 

close up

"Autumn Leaves"

  My kids are always excited to participate in this annual event. They love art, always have and I love to watch them create. :)

To see last years art fair click here


Marie said...

You're children are so talented! Nice work! I'm visiting on the TOS Blog walk.

Laura O in AK said...

Dropping by as I crawl through the TOS Crew blogs. I completely agree with Marie that you have some talented kids. I love seeing their work (and might relight a fire for my boys who love to draw and need to get back to more formal studies.)

Jamie said...

Wonderful projects, all of them! Have you used any art curriculum with them?

Crew Member

Linda said...

Thank you for your kind comments. :)

Jamie, no, we've never used an art curriculum with them. They just create from within. Truly a God given talent.