Monday, November 29, 2010

Moving an old blog

When I first started blogging, several years ago, I was at HSB. I loved the community there and had quite a friend base that I'd visit and was visited by.  Life got busier for me and HSB became too cumbersome to navigate through all the html code (although I did learn a lot! :) ) so I made the switch to Blogger almost 2 years ago!

I'm now, very slowly, moving my old posts from HSB over to this blog. I figured out how to move the pictures with just a few extra steps than normal (which beats redownloading them again) and since I'm such an intensive picture blogger, that's what's taking the extra time.

Now that I figured that out, look out! LOL You'll see my post count climbing but it will all be coming from past years! ;)  If you're so inclined, feel free to look back through the years and see whatcha missed if you didn't "know" me over at HSB. I'll also be posting our current happenings simultaneously so if I seem a little confused at times it's probably because I don't know what year I'm in. :D

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3 Sons said...

Love the photo above!!