Sunday, November 21, 2010

State Fair

A few weeks ago we went to our State Fair.  We went with our homeschool group and took advantage of the school group rate. We hung out with our fellow homeschooling friends and neighbors and had such a fun day!

Right at the entrance they were creating this incredible sand sculpture. It was to depict the 5 C's of Arizona's history (along w/ a few things that don't belong in there!)

Our first stop was the animals and the petting zoo. A, my nature lover really enjoyed checking out all the animals.  

  A. w/ her new friend, the llama

Having fun at the Fair kids? :)

R. couldn't stay in the animal section as the hay was making her asthma flare up. So while Mark took A and K through the remaining displays, I stayed with R. and the other kids who just weren't interested in seeing anymore animals.  The expression on their faces lined up against this wall were just great I had to snap their picture.

Watching my girls take off into the sky
 A. about ready to be eaten by a T-Rex

Coming out of the "Fun" House. They discovered it wasn't so fun and a waste of their tickets. Good lesson for the fair!
I think this pretty much sums up the fair:
Two huge lemonades - Check
chocolate ice cream smeared face - Check
  dazed expression - Check.
A successful day at the fair accomplished. :)
 The happy fair goers as we head on home.
It was a fun, fun, fun day. My friend loves to go on the rides as well so she convinced me to go on all of them with her.  What fun! Just like being a teenager again, almost. ;)

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