Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nature Study

As I mentioned in my last post, we did some nature studying today. :)

Here's what my kiddo's did:
E picked our Eucalyptus tree to study for the summer.

She also wrote a poem (lower right corner of picture):

Arizona Eucalyptus
Waving in the breeze,
Green in all seasons,
and giving different birds a home
to raise their eggs into
things that fly.
Whether it is under the hot summer sun,
Or in the winter's
cold rain, it's green
scented leaves are
always waving against
the blue desert sky
In praise to God.

Some observations:
Height:  It can get up to 30 ft
Trunk:  One and a half feet thick at the bottom, tapers off and separates into branches at the top.  It is mostly gray brown but some places can be light gray.
Thickness:  The leaves are thickest near the ground.
Leaves:  Some are shaped like circles, some like pears, and the color is from lime green to mint green and some leaves are tinted with purple.
Bark:  The bark is rough

(I'm going to have her do some research on the tree then check her observations and see if she was accurate).

Stay tuned tomorrow for A's drawings.  She painted our Lemon tree. :)


Anonymous said...

Good on you taking the time to nature study.

Looked a nice day there. And go girl & her poetry!

Love Leanne


Anonymous said...

Great nature study, Linda. Will be checking back to see how it progresses over the summer!