Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poor Little Orange Tree

R chose our very sad little orange tree.  My sister and bil gave us this tree as a house warming gift.  Citrus trees don’t like to be transplanted and this poor guy was transplanted a couple of times before finding it’s final resting place (and I’m afraid it truly is a "resting" place).  It only gets watered from our sprinklers, which isn’t nearly enough.  You’ll also notice the lovely gray guard around the trunk.  That’s there to keep the weed wacker from hacking away any more of the trunk!

Poor, poor little tree.

For whatever reason, that’s the tree she picked so here is her drawing and songs and poems to this poor little tree!

Her song sung to the tune of "Found a Peanut" or Clementine, if you prefer (sortof LOL)  (:

My little orange tree,
my little orange tree
is so cute and soon it will be
a big orange tree
but now it is a little, o little orange tree.
Little orange tree, little orange tree
you are so very cute
and I know you will make yummy oranges someday.
but right now you are still little, my little orange tree.

I have a little orange tree,
it is so very cute.
In the morning I go to see it
grow little orange.

When I spy
a little orange
I will be so happy
I will jump up in the air and scream so loudly
I will knock the orange right off.
So I love you little orange tree.

Story of the Orange tree:

The Story of My Orange Tree!
This is my orange tree.  (note there are illustrations to this story not included  )
It was brought to us by our cousins.  It began to die but it has some leaves now.  We try to water it but sometimes we forget to.  But, I still love it.
The End

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