Monday, November 3, 2008

Spelling Bee

E. has always loved to spell.  She's a natural speller and enjoys having people give her challenging words to spell. 

Tonight was our support groups Spelling Bee.  There were two divisions, K-2nd and 3rd-8th.  In our Bee the oldest kids participating were 5th graders, E. being one of them.

E. is in the brown shirt

The younger kids went first and went through round after round of words.  They were great spellers.  Finally, the winner was declared and it was time for the big kids to line up.

Waiting to spell

It was fun watching the kids get up there and spell.  Some went out on words you just know they knew.  You just felt for them, they were so disappointed.  E. got a word that she missed when we were practicing.  She spelled it perfectly.  When she got back to her chair she looked over at me w/ a huge grin.  Yeah. :)

As they advanced through the rounds, the final two people standing were E and her friend S..  In the end, S. misspelled her word which left E. needing to spell her word correctly to win.  She knew her word, spelled it w/o a mistake and won the Bee. 

At home w/ her certificate.

She was so happy and we were happy for her.  She was excited to get home to tell Daddio all about it. 

She is now eligible to advance to the District Spelling Bee.  We'll see when the time comes if we actually participate.  We understand how much different that bee will be compared to what she just did, a nice friendly non-threatening atmosphere w/ her fellow homeschoolers vs the "REAL THING".  She loves spelling and having participated in this bee might be enough to satisfy her, or maybe not. 

We're so proud of you SweetPea.  Congratulations on your win!  We love you. :)

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Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations to your sweetpea. :) I loved spelling bees when I was young, though I always got so nervous. Go, sweetpea, GO!