Friday, November 21, 2008

Friendship Friday

I did this once, several months back and never got around to doing it again.   Mainly because most of the blogs were inactive and then I lost my "linked friends". LOL

I thought I'd give it another try and see how long I can keep it going. 

I often visit other people's blogs but don't leave a comment.  My goal with my Friendship Friday is to visit 4 blogs, leave comments and then share those blogs here with you all.

My first blog I visited today is from someone I know in real life!  Kim and I met years ago when her oldest, now 9, was just a wee little baby.  I have a picture of them in my backyard from a Welcome Tea I hosted, only I won't post the picture because I don't think Kim would like it.  It wasn't taken of them, but of the general setting.  The picture consists of her husbands profile, a glimpse of the little one and Kim's backside.  LOL  Kim's latest entry is videos of her kids in their tae kwon do tournament.  You should go check it out, they did a great job!  Love to Learn

The next blog I visited was Candace at His Mercy is New.  Candace is one of the many women I've "met" through the Five in a Row boards.  Her blog is full of things they do throughout their school day as well as things on her heart.  She has a beautiful family. 

I next journeyed over to my pal Kristina's blog at, My Family Life Rocks.  We met on the FIAR boards as well, and through this last year I've gotten to know Kristina better.  She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, with a beautiful family.  Kristina is a runner and inspires me with her dedication and talent. (I've never been a distant runner, only a sprinter ;-) ).  Kristina blogs about all sorts of stuff, cute pictures of her kids to video's of her pastors sermons.

I then journeyed over to Lynn at A Mother's Journal, and what a journey it was.  Lynn's blog is a wonderful peaceful oasis in the busy wide world web.  She loves nature and has oodles of pictures of her gardens and their nature projects.  Everything about her blog oozes peace and tranquility.  Lynn is someone that I also "met" on the FIAR boards, but got to know a little bit better when we were both part of a round robin letter exchange.  She is someone I long to meet in person one day.  She exudes such a calm demeanor, I'd love to soak some of that up along with her knowledge of herbs and flowers. :)

Well, that's four blogs, enough for today!  After visiting Lynn's, I'm inspired to go on a nature walk with my munchkins.  The weather is perfect, 77.  Cool w/ a slight breeze but lots and lots of sun!  First, I need to go leave a comment on Lynn's blog, I forgot.  Old habits die hard. ;-)

I hope you've enjoyed journeying through some new blogs today.  Maybe they are new ones, old ones revisited, either way, an encouragement to you today.  Also, I hope I've inspired you to leave some comments along your blogging travels today.  :-)


Jen Unsell said...

Fun post! I will be looking forward to them every Friday. Those are all fun blogs and ones I love too!

By the way- I love the new colors on your blog.

healthyhomeschool said...

Thank you, Linda! I feel too that I would love to meet you in person some day. Maybe when all of us grow up and have some time on our hands we can do the round robin again! Wouldn't that be fun? And maybe someday we can all meet somewhere. You know like those ladies who meet up and go to a huge flea market somewhere and just have a grand weekend plundering around and eating great food for a couple of evenings?! Let's do it someday!

I like what you've said about leaving comments. I am trying to do better at leaving a comment before I leave when I've visited a blog. Days are busy, but it's so nice to receive and to leave comments!

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said... backside pictures.....although I'm sure my backside was smaller back then ;).

Thanks for posting about me and my blog. I need to really get into the habit of blogging more.

Kim C.

Anonymous said... backside pictures.....although I'm sure my backside was smaller back then ;).

Thanks for posting about me and my blog. I need to really get into the habit of blogging more.

Kim C.