Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!

We had a birthday to celebrate this week.  My Wee Little Mango turned two!

I've added a photo show below with pictures from the last two years.  I had been thinking, being number 5, I didn't have very many pictures of him.  Oops, I was wrong!  Digital cameras allow even child #5 to have tons of pictures taken of them. Make sure to mute the player on the right to hear the music.


Jen said...

We just watched J's slideshow a couple of times! :-) We ALL loved it Linda! Emmy kept commenting on how beautiful J's eyes are! It made us miss you guys even more. How fun to see so many pictures from these past 2 years of little mango. It was really fun to see some of the outfits he was wearing as an infant too because they were ones you mailed us for Camden. :-) It's special to remember Camden in those same clothes.

I love his wagon he got for his birthday. I bet he is having fun with it!

If you can- email me that family pic of all of you on the brown bench. I would love to print it to put up on our refrigerator next to the one you mailed to us at Christmas.

Much love!

Jen said...

PS- the first time Ally saw S in one of the pictures she screamed with delight and pointed and said "It's S"! :-)

Wish we could have been their to celebrate this past week with you guys.