Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Four Year Old Funny

I tried to find a recent picture of my 4 year old, all of them have him posing in a similar fashion. *sigh*  He's not holding a gun.  I don't know what he's holding, something he found out in the desert that just works well for a gun.  But then again, what doesn't.

Here's the funny:

While we were driving this afternoon we had the radio on.  Some commercial was on for Trader Joe's soup.  As the ad went on and on, they paid for some air time with that one, my four year old picked up on one of the lines "other soups struggle to be like our soup".  I heard my little guy from behind me say, "Struggle?  Mommy, did he say the soup was struggling?" 
Yep, I assured him, that's what they said. 
His reply, "Soup can't struggle!"

No, it surely can't.  So the moral here is, my four year old has already figured out the deceptive practices of advertisers and isn't falling for them.


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