Sunday, September 30, 2007

My oldest wants to be a writer and illustrator when she gets older.  You can often find her throughout the day with some writing/drawing instrument in her hand.   One of her favorite mediums lately has been on the computer.  She loves to type and mess around creating pictures.  She has asked me about publishing stories and I told her a good way to start is by "publishing" them for others to see in things like our homeschool groups student newsletter for practice.  I told her it's a good way to hone her craft before asking people to pay for it.

She created the following and asked if I'd put it on my blog.  She wants her own blog where she can share her creations.   While looking over my shoulder at a 10 year olds blog I was looking at today said, "Maybe I can start a blog for my birthday."  She turns 10 in 22 days.  Dh and I have 22 days in which to decide, should we let her or shouldn't we. LOL  So, until we relent and let her have her own blog, I've told her I'll gladly post what she'd like to share. 


VickiM said...

My hubby and I are also trying to decide if we should let our daughter have a blog. Hopefully we will both make the right choice. Your daughter is a good writer, hard to believe she is just turning 10.

Anonymous said...

I think we could consider giving her a blog as long as we were able to approve what she posts. I have this essay on the wall in my office. I love the detail of the rainbows in the splash of water. Thanks for being the first to publish our daughter's work.

Anonymous said...

A writer and illustrator fits E so well Linda! She always amazes me with her pictures and what she writes- I know I say that all the time but I just can't say it enough. :-)