Friday, September 7, 2007

New adventures

Leaving, notice the dress for our 100 + degree weather.  This isn't how we normally dress in the summer time around here!  These clothes don't usually make it out of the dresser until November, if we're lucky.  Must be going someplace cold.


Not quite sure about all of this.  These skates sure do hurt my feet and why do my ankles keep bending?

 Who said walkers are only for the elderly?


My girls had their first ice skating lesson today.  The jury is still out on how much they like it.  They will be going back however, despite the protests.  

A neato thing about their learning to skate here is, this is where I learned to skate many, many, many years ago.  

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Jen Unsell said...

That is so cool Linda that they are getting skate where you did years ago. How often do they take lessons?