Thursday, February 1, 2007

Art contest

This entry won't make sense unless you've been on the FIAR board and saw my post.   I'm trying to figure out how to display these masterpieces for the kids art contest tomorrow.  We have a painting on water color paper, drawing on construction paper and one on regular printer paper, a miniature scene made from clay and other odds and ends, a paper pop up creation and another clay and shell creation.

How would you display these for the contest? 

pencil on paper

miniature clay scene (a shoe box doesn't really show it off very well)

This is blurry but this is the shell and clay creation

the water color painting

pencil on construction paper (this one my dd has decided she doesn't want to enter instead she wants to enter the corral reef drawing)

Last but not least, my 5 year olds "pop-up" art.

Give me your best ideas!  Thanks.


Rachel said...

You have some amazing artists!! I really love them all but I think the watercolor painting with the cardinal needs to be framed and I really enjoy the peacock too. What a great sculpture in the shell too! Hey, just enter them ALL! :)

Starlady said...

Thanks Rachel for your kind comment. My kids love art and would be happy to be producing some type of art every waking moment if I allowed them to. :-)

Unfortunately, my 11 month old woke up sick this morning so no art fair for us. The girls are so bummed. Maybe next year. :-)

Jen Unsell said...

Linda- your dc are so talented!!!!

KindredHeart said...

I'm always awed at your children's artistic talent! What a gift!

I'm praying that your little guy is on the mend and that the rest of your family remains healthy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend together!