Sunday, February 4, 2007

Where am I? part 4 The hunt is over!

The time has come!  I hope you have enjoyed the hunt. :-)


Another well known area of these old hallowed halls.  It's not a yard, but rather a "Lawn" these halls open up to. 


Here's the library that you  mentioned Donna.  But, it's not in his very famous home.  It's in here instead.

The famous Rotunda.  Know where I am yet?????

Here's the very famous man who started this prestigious university!  It's not George Washington, but Houston wasn't too far off with his guess of famous men !

Now do you know????

Click here if you're still in the dark.

Congratulations Houston!!!  I am very impressed.  The chocolates are on the way to the Unsell home.  And Jen, honestly, you all certainly deserve it the most.  You really thought about this!

Stay tuned for another "Where am I" where we visit another  University!  Brush up on your Universities Jen!


Rachel said...

This was a great contest! I did all I could to try to guess but I didn't want to look a fool and so I stayed quiet. Jen did an awesome job! I can't wait to see the pics on her blog of the family digging in on those chocolates.

Looking forward to the next "where am I?" contest...

Lis in MA(FIAR) said...

That was great Linda!

I didn't really think that the pictures of the interior of the campus matched Harvard... not enough trees....

But, the Brick walls and buildings, and little alcove-type places with benches "could" have been Harvard.

Too much fun!

And Congratulations, Jen and Family! :D


Jen Unsell said...

NO WAY!!!!! I simply can't believe it! :)

Houston will be so excited!!! I want to wake him up and tell him but I will wait till morning. He won't believe he won!!!!!

This was really fun Linda!!! And now- we are going to start studying American Universities in preparation for your next contest. :-)

I should probably ask though- you haven't visited any Universities outside of America have you? LOL!

By the way- all those pictures were gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to look back on our year at Mr. Jefferson's University. Thanks for your support during a challenging year.