Monday, June 28, 2010

Our summer so far

We've been on our summer break since mid May and until recently our temperatures have been beautiful!  Sadly, summer has set it and we are having record breaking heat that drives us to the indoors where we can huddle around the air conditioning vents.  Okay, we're not really huddling (it's too hot to get that close to each other) and the air is rather cool through out the entire house, it just sounded more romantic that way.  You know, like huddling around the campfire on a cold camping night? :)

Because the temps were so nice for so long, we spent the time outdoors a lot, anticipating the rise in the bad ozone days that go along w/ the rise in mercury.  We took lots of pictures of our various antics, which I will look through and share with all of you soon.  Hopefully today, but don't hold your breath as I would hate for my lack of follow through be the cause of anyone losing consciousness from lack of oxygen. ;)

Speaking of Oxygen, my oldest daughter has been working through Apologia's General Science (like my segue? pretty clever, eh?) and is almost through with the book.  She is such a trooper and has accepted my accelerated pace for her to go through this book w/ only a few, "Are you kidding me?" looks.  It's recommended to take two weeks per chapter, she's doing it in one.  I would not recommend doing this under normal circumstances and would never dream of doing it with my next child in line, but, for her and her schedule for next year, it was needed and doable.

The course is awesome and is full, full, full of great science material.  The experiments are fun and the materials are easily found in your house, seriously!  I know you see that often w/ science books only to discover that's not the case and you're off running around town looking for the missing items the day of the experiment.  What?  You all plan ahead?  Yeah well, ahem, good for you! LOL  I always plan to plan ahead but then something happens and I forget and then the experiment is here and we find out we need red cabbage only, come to find out we ATE all of the red cabbage the night before, or, we're missing a round balloon or iodine or something like that and there goes the momentum for the day.  Which is why I'm tellin' ya, the experiments in this book really are, for the most part, common items you'd have hanging around your house.  I did plan ahead this week, yeah me.  Turns out it was a good thing as we did need some things I don't normally keep around the house.  Dd was able to do her experiment as she encountered it in the book and all was done and completed before lunch. :)  Good day for sure.

I'll be back w/ pictures of our days soon!

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