Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poor Blog

You know you have a sad little blog when your only traffic is coming in off of google image searches of your son's Valley Fever rash. LOL He's all better now, if any of you strolling on in here to see the image care. :D I don't even come to visit my little blog too often anymore. Poor, poor blog. LOL I'm actually dabbling w/ a new blog over at blogger. They tell me it's easier. I know one thing that will make it much easier, I'll be able to blog w/ Safari. For some reason this blog host doesn't like safari. Which means, I have to log into firefox, which doesn't happen all that often. As you can tell from this post, w/ no formatting to it, I'm in Safari. Too lazy to switch servers. :p


Jen said...

I have really liked Blogger Linda! I hope you will start blogging over their. ;-)

Ami ( said...

Just letting you know I didn't come here by way of Valley Fever! I don't think I made my annual declaration yet of how beautiful your children are so there you go ;o).

shonda said...

Oh yes! Do go to blogger! :) Linda, I like it when you blog and hope you find time to do it more often. We need pics of your little miss, ya know. I always like looking at your ambleside booklists, too. Someday you'll have to post about how you do ambleside because I'm really curious to know. I think I asked you about it once, but it was when you were sick during your pg.

Anyway, blog away at blogger and let us know!