Friday, October 10, 2008




My little gal is growing up.  She has enough "adult" teeth that our ortho decided it was time to get started getting those adult teeth into some order.  Looking at her newly accessorized mouth my mind took me back to a little less than 11 years ago when my little baby cut her first tooth at about 5 months.  Those razor sharp little buds that kill us nursing mama's but are so adorably cute.  Teeny tiny little pearls all lined up in a row.  Precious.

I then thought about her first lost tooth at the age of 5.  The first time one of those pearls cut loose from their home of 5 years by the pushing and prodding of a larger, much more aggressive neighbor, The Permanent Tooth.  Such joy and rapture my little girl had when that tiny little tooth broke free. 

First lost tooth

Here we are 6 years later.  Her little pearls have almost all disappeared, just a few molars remain. 

As we stand on the brink of yet another milestone in my first borns life I'm wondering about our next 6 years and all the changes that will occur in her and our relationship.  My prayer is that we will grow closer as she grows older.  Yes, there will be bumps and disagreements, but my prayer is that my sweet-pea will always remain, my sweet-pea. 

I'm looking forward to next week when just her and I are going away for a few days together.  I'm looking forward to having talks and pedicure sessions and learning more about what's going on inside my preteens brain.   She told me she's already thinking of things she wants to talk about. LOL  With her, I have no clue what that will be if could be anywhere from what color I think the number 5 is to why won't we name the new baby *insert crazy name she's come up with*.  It should be an adventure!  One I'm really looking forward to. :)


diamondsintherough said...

Your daughter does that too!? Sees numbers in colors, I mean. Alizona says five is green, but Booklover says it is blue. I say five is five, and I do NOT understand this kind of thinking. All the letters of the alphabet have colors, too, and all numbers are arranged in a sort of design. Numbers also have genders, did you know this? And ever word has a corresponding color. ?!?! If you get to the bottom of it, do please let me know. lol. Enjoy your time together!


Jen Unsell said...

She looks great with her braces Linda! Emmy really needs to them too but I don't think we can afford them. She may just have to wait until she is grown and on her own to straighten her teeth.

I hope you and Emily have a great time together this next week! Where are you guys going?

Anonymous said...

Awww! I love the picture of her first lost tooth. :)