Sunday, April 6, 2008

Entry 2 for today

My girls have created another land in our side yard.  Right now, it's the Land of Camila.  The characters in Camila change, depending on what toy they can find and that their little brother hasn't taken away.  The other day I gave A. some small figurines of Jamestown and the Powhattan Indian tribe.  They got right to work creating another world with these new figures.

Unfortunately, this rendition of Camila disappeared very much like Jamestown.  The demiss of this installment of Camila was at the hands of Giants, aka the preschool aged siblings of the girls from our Keepers meeting this past Friday.   At least this land was preserved in pictures before the destruction. LOL

I love how creative they are and by being home they have the time to let their imaginations soar.

Thank you Lord for allowing me this precious time with my children. 


quietcajun said...

How fun! I am so glad you caught the whole thing in pictures! I am sure the children are too!!!

LaVonna said...

Very cool! You are a great mom to ensure they have the stuff to play with to help reinforce the learning. They just think its loads of fun! Kudos to you!

Jen Unsell said...

Very creative!

foxvalleyfamily said...

That is amazing!

I found your blog through the FIAR blog ring, and I just wanted to say "Hello!"