Monday, March 31, 2008

Composer Study

Composer study is one of those areas that I always have grand plans to incorporate into our day and never quite make it.  Last night as I was planning our last 12 weeks of school, I was looking at Ambleside Online's composer for this last term and started hunting around the internet for some samples of the composers music.

I was delighted to find some You Tube videos of performances, some live, some recordings, that I can share with my students.  I thought a way that I could remember to actually have my kids listen to the music I'd post the YouTube video of each selection. :)  Here's the selection we listened to today.

Saint-Saens Symphony no 3 in C minor.  This selection from You Tube is the Rotterdam Orchestra during a rehearsal.  It's not the complete work but it is neat to watch an orchestra practicing.  I tried to embed this, but it didn't work.  Hopefully, I'll figure out how to get that to work again. :)  In the meantime, if you're interested, check out the link below.


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