Friday, December 14, 2007

Who made this print?

Any animal trackers out there who would like to tell me what animal made these prints?  This was taken along the Payette River in the mountains not too far from Boise, ID in late Oct.

At first my husband thought this was possibly two feet together of a smaller animal  that made this impression.  But when I showed him the prints in the mud of the next picture and how they are the same size as this one and the spread between them, he thought maybe his initial hunch of a smaller animal was incorrect.

You can see two prints in this shot, one at the bottom, middle.  The next print is 3/4 to the top, center.  These prints were right in line w/ the first shot.

Anyone want to take a stab at what animal had passed by not too far ahead of us?


Jen Unsell said...

We guess a VERY large bear!!

Jen Unsell said...

Linda-did you guys ever figure out what this track was from? We are rowing Stopping by woods right now and the kids are taking guesses. :-)

Jen Unsell said...

Linda- is it a coyote?