Sunday, December 2, 2007

Little boys and their pockets


My little guy has discovered his pockets.  What a joy and adventure they are for him.  The first time he came walking up to me with both hands in his pockets, he had the biggest grin on his face.  Since that initial discovery, he's learned that he can put other things into his pockets besides his hands.  Mothers of boys can attest, when wash day comes, it's with trepidation as you reach your hand into your sons pockets.  So far I haven't found any snakes, frogs or lizards.  I've found rocks, dirt, grass, lettuce and the latest discovery, the missing tortilla.

Boys, always an adventure.


quietcajun said...

I found a mysterious something in pants pockets AFTER coming through the wash the other day (fortuneately before going into the dryer) and it was a handful of white chocolate chips. Glad they weren't milk chocolate!

Jen Unsell said...

That is an adorable pic of him Linda! Sooo sweet! Hopefully you won't ever find a snake! :-)

Love the music on your blog and your slide show- don't know if I already told you that?

CandaceC said...

Linda, I enjoyed looking at all your Christmas pictures! I think we have the same exact swing set that you do! And, we have lots of those wonderful Christmas books as well! :) What is the book that your kids held every year (looks like every year) maybe for a Christmas tradition?


Candace (FIAR)

4kiddos4me said...

Our youngest dd puts everything she can in her "pocks" though her favorite thing to carry at the moment is chap stick. When she doesn't have pockets she just stuffs everything into the waist of her pants - which works well as long as the pants are gathered at the ankle. When we change her diaper on those days we find all kinds of hidden treasure, lol!