Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let me try to paint a picture for you

As I sit here on my computer, if I look to my left, I have a perfect view of our backyard swingset.   I'm watching my 5 children enjoy their time in the cool breeze (ok it's really a wind but breeze just sounds much more poetic) after a long record breaking heat wave.  The grass has perked up to a beautiful green hue and the leaves are rustling in the eucylaptus tree that  hangs over the swing set. 

Doesn't that sound peaceful?

Now, keep that mental image in your mind. 

As I happily watch my little cherubims at play, I can't help notice my 4 yo, who happens to be a boy (just in case you might have forgotten that point).  He's up in the fort portion of the swingset merrily playing w/ a stuffed animal and a stick.  I can hear him talking but I can't quite make out what he's saying, besides it being something loud.  That, in and of itself, is not unusual as he says everything very LOUD.  As I watch him a little longer, I notice the stuffed animal is being held very lovingly over the cross piece of the fort.   The stick, which I'm guessing this time is being used as a sword, is being employed as an incentive to the stuffed animal to defy the laws of gravity. 

After much showmanship and loud gesturing, the stuffed animal goes flying from its previous perilous perch and lands somewhere in the yard.  To which the aforementioned 4 year old revels in glee.  Blackbeard himself would have been proud to witness the atrocities that befell that little stuffed cat and my sons delight in inflicting such sorrow.

In the meantime, my three girls were pushing their baby brother in his swing or quietly swinging themselves without a pirate or hostage in sight.

Which leaves me with one question, what are those, who don't believe in gender differences, thinking? 


kansaskat said...

It is so true, there are gender differences - and all of us are born with the personality of who we are! I could see my 5yo son in the midst of piratitude!

quietcajun said...


I always was told to offer the children all toys and forget gender traditions. So Kaitlyn had baby dolls, footballs, dress up clothes, blocks, princess crowns, toy trucks, toy tools, and play make-up.

She played with it all, but she would wrap the football in a baby blanket and feed it a bottle, or introduce her toy hammer to her dolls... "Hi! MY name is Bang! Bang!" etc. She was and is all girl!

MitchTyRyanAndJames said...

No girl experience here, but my boys certainly have always been the poster children for "boys will be boys"! A houseful of toys of all kinds, and the dolls sit untouched, while the trucks, trains and balls never get a moment's rest. Ryan does have fleeting moments of adoring necklaces, but that's as far as anything remotely "girly" goes in our house!

smokeybutter said...

and a good example of the differences between boys and girls that are very real differences indeed!



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