Saturday, June 16, 2007


It should come as no surprise that we spent  a lot of time in the water while we were in Hawaii. 


The hotel had a beautiful saltwater pool that the kids enjoyed playing in when they were tired of playing in the lagoons.  There were four man-made lagoons in the Ko Olina development.  One was just beyond the hotels pool.  The lagoons were perfect for kids to play in the ocean without having to worry about Hawaii's rough surf.  The lagoons had man-made coral reefs that you could snorkel out to and see the fish and other creatures living out there.  There was a net between the lagoon and the ocean which kept out the larger, more aggressive sea creatures.

The girls enjoyed snorkeling out and finding various different sea life.  There was a kiosk where you could rent different equipment for playing in the lagoon.  They also provided these little fish identifiers that you could wear while you were out snorkeling to see what the fish were that you were looking at.  Very cool.   As much fun as the girls had snorkeling they enjoyed playing along the rocks even more.  They really liked looking for the crabs that lived amongst the rocks.  Two of my girls also liked to pretend they were turtles and would pull themselves out of the lagoon and rest in the sand.  They had fun doing that until the sand in their bathing suits began to bother them! *youch!*

The first day we were there, the girls made friends with a family from Georgia.  They had a lot of fun running into them throughout the week down at the lagoon and in the pool.  They would look for crabs together, play on their raft, run around in the sand, generally having a blast with their new friends.

Once their cousins got there, there never was a dull moment out at the lagoons.  The kids had fun playing, swimming and burying each other in the sand.  You can check out the slide show in the sidebar for pictures of their fun in the sun.

Tomorrow I'll share about our time at Pearl Harbor.


quietcajun said...

I went to Pearl Harbor Memorial when Kaitlyn (who is now almost 15) was a newborn. It was a very moving experience.

Jen Unsell said...

Hi Linda! I have so enjoyed reading about your Hawaii trip!! I thought about you guys so much these past two weeks and wondered how your time their was. It's fun to see your videos of it all! :-) I hope we have internet for the next 6 weeks down in AL so I can keep up with you and see more of your time in Hawaii!