Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday's child

Friday brings me to my 5th child, my second boy.

He has a variety of nicknames but we'll call him Mango.  Mango is 14 months and is already keeping me on my toes more than any of the previous 4 put together.  He is a running, climbing, screeching destructo-monster.  He isn't talking yet, just an occassional bye-bye, Dada and now finally, Mama. :-)  All my other kids were talking well by this age, so this has been a bit of an adjustment.  I finally have a "screamer".  Right now his screams resemble those of a perigrine falcon.  They're loud and piercing.  Despite the pictures I picked to put in here, he's crankier more than he's happy.  I can't help but think that once he can actually communicate with us, his temperment will improve.  I'm hoping and praying that's the case at least. :-D

Mango has lots of big siblings to keep him busy and occupied.  He likes to get in the middle of whatever it is they're playing with and mess it all up.   That's what little brothers are for, right.  :-D 

Despite his screeching destructive ways, everyone in the family is head over heels in love with our little Mango.

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quietcajun said...

I love this idea... I also have five children. do you mind if I use your idea? Of course, i'll give you full credit!