Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Season

New look!


Now that it says it's fall on my calendar (see I have to look at my calendar to tell me it's fall because our weather is anything but "fallish") I thought I'd change my blog.  Some of you may remember that I don't know anything about computers so changing my template is a huge deal for me. LOL  I did remember to save my previous template coding and then attempted to just plug it back in w/ this new template.  Of course, life doesn't work quite that easily.  


I did manage to get most of the things back in their proper places but my verse of the day isn't showing up for some reason.  I've tried to figure out what I did wrong by looking at my saved html code?  Nope!  I cleverly tried to fix it by going to the verse of the day site and looking for the code to add to your blog.  Smart aren't I. roflol  But, that didn't even work.  I couldn't find the code!  Not so smart afterall. ;-)


I even changed my song.  This song will stay here until my kids figure out that I've changed it and plead (aka whine) for me to put back the old song.  They really, really like that song.  If you don't remember the song it's Casting Crowns "Who am I?"


I hope you all enjoy fall!  I need to rummage through my pictures of when my kids were younger and we lived in a place that actually had fall.  I can just remember crisp cool days and cold evenings.  Beautiful colored leaves falling down all around and the smell of smoke from bonfires wafting through the air.  Ahhhh.  At least I have the memories. :)

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KindredHeart said...

I love your blog's new look, and I especially enjoyed seeing that beautiful slideshow of your kids!

God is faithful to bring you to mind often, my friend! I'm praying for you and your loved ones!