Monday, August 14, 2006

Did some housecleaning

Due to some undesirable traffic, I deleted all my entries.  Until I can figure out a way to keep google from sniffing around my blog I won't be posting anything too personal. 


Off to find those directions again.  Hopefully this time they will work.


tallenmomof5 said...

That happened to me too! (what you talked about on the message board) I had to delete all of my children's pictures. :(

One thing I did my first week of blogging was to give all of my children new names on the blog. It gets confusing sometimes, but I just don't feel safe with their names there for everyone to see...of course their actual names are on the aforementioned board, but somehow I feel safe with that.

I hope you come up with a solution to share with us soon!


Trish A....if that's *really* my name...LOL!


Melanieinoh said...

So sorry you are having trouble with your blog. I think you can make it so only registered bloggers can get to your blog? That doesn't help if you have family looking at it. They would have to register too I guess. Try that anyhow. That is a bummer, as I know you enjoy being able to share about the kids.

Hoping you are able to fix it.


KindredHeart said...

I'm so sorry you've felt violated. I completely understand your reasons for removing your posts, but I have to admit that I will dearly miss those darling pictures of your kids. Your family is such a blessing and encouragement.

I'll be praying that you come to a solution which makes your family feel safe and uncompromised. Have a wonderful day, friend...

MommaBear9 said...

I am new to this whole business of blogging. What do mean by unwanted traffic and Google? Just curious , I am trying not to share anything too personal as well.