Saturday, February 13, 2010


A few weeks ago my two oldest got to participate in our states one day Teen Pact.  They were looking forward to spending the day at our State Capitol w/ their dad. :)

They headed downtown in the morning to meet with the other teenpact participants.  The meeting took place in the old State Capitol building.  I remember going on field trips here when I was a school kid.  Only when I went, it wasn't the "old" building, it was actually a building that was in use and the state legislators were  in session!  LOL  Now, it's a museum and the new buildings are just behind these buildings.

Weather vane on top of the copper dome.  They were told that, back in the old days, the cowboys would shoot their pistols at the weather vane to watch it spin around.  Perfectly natural, this was the wild west afterall. :)

checking out one of the statues

starting the session off w/ prayer on the capitol grounds. :)

After learning about parliamentary procedure and the process of walking a bill through legislature, they had a scavenger hunt through the capitol rotunda where they learned more about the capitol by reading the placards, looking at the memorabilia and talking with the guards.  

State Seal

E and A looking down from the 4th floor of the Rotunda.

Cool view from the top floor looking down.

Looking up through the copper domed roof at the weather vane

Observation deck

A looking down on the floor of old House of Representatives

Aren't the desks cool. :)
Old House of Rep.

They had a great day, learned a ton and are looking forward to next year. All three of them, Mark included, highly recommend checking out Teen Pact for a great intro to government. 


Jen U. said...

Is teen pact in all states Linda?

Shonda said...

I've looked into that before and it looks really neat. Glad they had the opportunity!!

Jen U. said...

Thank you for leaving the comment on our blog for Annies birthday, Linda. It meant a lot. ;-)

Poppa said...

Thanks for making such a nice souvenir of my day with E and A.


rainydaymichele said...

Looks very :cool:! What a neat trip.