Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Boys are different than girls.  I honestly can't believe that people actually argue that there are no differences between the two sexes.  It either proves that people want to fight about anything or they want to believe something so badly they just ignore all reasoning. LOL

From my own home I can attest that there is a very marked difference between my girls and my boys.

Case in point...

look closely


Not to be left out of the fun...

peak a boo

I see you!

Time to bolt that dresser to the wall!


3 Sons said...

So cute...and utterly familiar. :)
Almost all of our furniture is bolted at this point.

Linda said...

You know, most of our furniture is too. Not sure how this dresser didn't get permanently attached to the wall. Leave it to the boys though, to find the one piece of furniture that's not attached and climb on in. *rolling eyes* LOL

Thanks for stopping by and saying 'hi'. :)