Sunday, June 29, 2008

Monsoon Storms

We're in our monsoon season which means, hot temperatures, more humidity, dust storms and high winds.  Unfortunately, it doesn't mean a whole lot of rain.

We had a storm pass through tonight at dinner.  The kids watched as this branch fell from our Eucalyptus tree.

When I was learning about the trees in our backyard I discovered that in Australia there are forests of Eucalyptus trees and they have nicknamed them Widow Makers or Widow Maker Forest or something like that.  It's been a few years now.   The trees are known to drop their limbs with no provocation hitting many unsuspecting hikers walking underneath.  I also learned the intense smell of Eucalyptus is caused from the oils inside the tree.  These trees are known to spontaneously combust in high temperatures.  As the temperatures outside heat up, the oil inside the tree also heats up and can get to a point where it just explodes.  Another reason they are known as Widow Makers.

Pretty cool tree we have in our backyard, don't you think? LOL  No wonder they've fallen from favor in landscaping yards here.

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