Saturday, February 3, 2007

Where am I?

OK, here's my new contest.  I had mentioned before Christmas I'd have another one  and here it finally is! 

How this will work is I'll add a picture or two a day until someone figures out where I am.  The pictures will get progressively more easy to determine where this location is.  At least, that's the plan.   The winner will get some yummy chocolates, either handmade or maybe I'll pop over to See's and pick up a box, since I saw how popular those were when Gena was giving them away.  (and for Shonda, your chocolate is going to be made soon and sent in time for V-day.   I promise!

These pictures were all taken, by me, at a major university here in the United States.  Where am I? 

Be sure to leave your name, so I know who you are and a way to get a hold of you if you are registered as anonymous!  Have fun and start guessing.  Don't forget to leave your guess in the comments section.


Jen Unsell said...

Ok- this is a hard one. I am still thinking here.

Houstons guess- The University of Virginia. And I have no idea why he guessed VA! LOL!

Emmy is trying to decide on her guess. She really wants those chocolates! LOL!

KarenW said...

Fun contest. Do we get to guess more than once? I don't have any idea yet.

Starlady said...

Yes, you can vote more than once. :-)

Jen, how does Houston know about UVA? Has he been there? Or is he just a college expert? LOL

DonnaLupton said...

you are at Harvard.

Donna L (fiar)

Jen Unsell said...

Linda- no, he has never been on any university campuses. I asked him why he choose that one and he said because it's the state where George washington lived. :-) I have no idea what George washington and those pictures of yours have in common though. LOL!

Emmy wanted to know what universities were in the the same state as you guys and so I looked up the list and read them to her and that is how she chose her univ! LOL! Clever thinking on her part isn't it!

I just have to share this with you- it's actually what I came back to the blog to share. In light of what you posted yesterday about E (or was it A) and what they said about our picture I think you will find this rather funny. I wasn't going to ask Annie (6) about your picture and her guess because I dont' think she even knows what a univ is. But she was listening to the older kids talking about and she said "well I guess that it's in the desert". She is guessing that because of our picture! LOL! I just thought that was funny!

Jen Unsell said...


I just realized after I wrote the last post and scanned back up that my last comment didn't ever post for some reason. So here is what I had written.

Emmy- Univ of Phoenix

My Guess- Boston Univ

I have been trying to decide if you would have chosen a pic from an area that you guys have lived in or if that would have been too obvious and so this is a place no one would ever guess. I'm probably thinking about it too much. LOL! And I have no idea what univ. are even in some of the areas you have lived. I am so NOT a Univ buff. ;-)

Laurie in ok said...

I'm such a dork! Until I read the other comments I thought I was supposed to find you in the picture - like Where's Waldo! I kept thinking you can't be very far away if you took the picture!

Now that I know I what I'm really supposed to be doing I need to start thinking!