Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 2

Week 2 school report:


This Country of Ours ch 6

Michelangelo by Diane Stanley

Minn of the Mississippi ch. 2

Story of Inventions end of chapt. 1

Science Lab in a Supermarket pg 16 Why is Food Packaged?

potato chip experiment to show importance of packaging

Parables of Nature ch 77

The Princess and the Goblin ch 4-6

poetry from William Blake

MUS Beta

Italics handwriting practice



An Island Story ch 23

Child's History of the World ch 47

The Little Duke end of ch. 1

Burgess Animal Book ch 3-4

Understood Betsy ch. 1

poetry from Walter de la Mare


R (and everyone)


Daniel's Duck  We learned about TN, ducks, carving, cabin life, climates - comparison between long winters to our long summers.  One of the fun things we did this week is to make our own carvings using soap.  I'll post pictures once I download them.


Exploring Creation w/ Zoology 2

We're on chapter 2 learning about whales this week.  I have to share what happened today as I tried to make this a "fun" holistic learning day.  Since we were discussing whales and how they communicate I told the girls for quiet time I'll put in my tape of San Juan Suites which has beautiful piano music accompanied w/ many nature sounds, some of which are whales.  My girls are all in their room w/ the lights dimmed and resting in their beds listening to the tape.  I think what a perfect way to end our week.  Weelllll, my 3rd dd, age 5, comes out maybe 15 min. later in tears.  She's telling me how scary the sounds are.  I grab Baby Gill and head off to listen to the tape w/ them trying to allay her fears that that really is how whales sound and they are just talking to each other.  She would have none of it.  She wouldn't even come back into the room. *sigh*   So much for trying to have a nice peaceful end to our school week.  I instead have popped in a cd of irish hymns that are really soothing and pretty.  I don't even know where I got this cd from, but I know there are no whale sounds on it anywhere.  LOL


That pretty much wraps up our school week.  We're looking forward to Daddy being off this weekend!



JenIG said...

it looks like it was a pretty productive week!


jengresak said...

ROFL! I think whales sound kind of creepy too : ) That is precious. Have another great week : )